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Antoine Preziuso’s philosophy can be summed up in two words: difference and originality to satisfy aficionados in search of exceptional creations. “The people who buy my watches share a love of art, plastic beauty and above all timepieces that aren’t made by the thousand. 

B-Side Automatic

The watch, as we know, is one of the few jewels of the man and it is in this aspect that B-side will be given first and foremost ..
Its aesthetic “amazing” expresses a different approach to life, the question of the time display is secondary – nowadays time is recalled in all objects of our everyday life: cell phones, computers and so on.
Too often hidden, the movement becomes the main player in this staging. And when the owner could not resist a peek at the indication of time passing, pressing simple on secret pusher, offers an amazing transformation. The watch opens, unfolds and turns without leaving the wrist. The traditional face with hands is revealed. 

Chrono Grand Robusto

The name Robusto – from the Latin robustus, meaning strong, well-built and vigorous.

Framed by a rugged cambered rectangular case in solid pink gold weighing over 100 gr, or in steel 316L, the distinctive black carbon fibre dial forms the ideal backdrop for staging an astonishing set of features. The applied oversized, sloping Arabic numerals have become a trademark on certain models by Antoine Preziuso Genève. In this configuration, they are replaced at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock by four “displays with a difference”. Along the horizontal axis, the small seconds sub dial at 9 o’clock is counterbalanced by the 42-hour power-reserve indicator with its pointer moving steadily across a segment to keep track of the state of winding of the watch.

Oltre Tempo

Oltre Tempo: journey through the heart of time

With its mysterious depth effect and perspective created by the original pattern of big 9, 3 and 6 Art Deco numerals, the Oltre Tempo “through time” watch carries its name well, bringing to mind the elegance and refinement of “another time”. 

This model features a manual rewinding movement with high quality openwork items decorated and chased by hand. 

Each operation requires lavish care and attention to the tiniest details, right down to the beveled bridges and screws polished and blue-finished by hand.

power energy

This powerful timepiece reflects the benefits of a dynamic lifestyle by displaying the level of energy drawn from its wearer’s activities and movements. A watch clearly cut out to equip the warriors of our urban jungles.

Power in movement

This self-winding watch accumulates the physical energy of his owner and draws its power from a spring that is wound by the wearer’s movements and transmitted to a circular rotor. With a high range of biocompatible materials, POWER is extremely environment-friendly.

This form of energy derived from human movement is more up to date than ever, perfectly ecological,   and creates a ‘win-win’ situation that benefits both the user and the watch.


Beyond borders

On this magnificent version of the Transworld line created by Antoine Preziuso, the travel theme is highlighted by the stunningly original large pebble-like case. The 24-hours dial features large numerals at 3-hourly intervals with “hour lines” in between, symbolically evoking the rays of the sun and in practical terms representing the longitudes on a world map. It is also visually distinguished by a light upper zone to display daytime hours and a dark lower section to show the night-time. The dial centre is adorned with a stylised representation of the globe with its continents stretching across the vast expanse of a wavy-patterned blue ocean background. More than just an artistic accomplishment, World map turns in 24 hours as the real globe to indicate the time zones for individuals entirely at home in our global village.


Fascinated by the monumental clocks on the towers which dominate the cities, Antoine Preziuso creates the clock of Siena inspired by the imposing “Torre del Mangia” a tower in Piazza de Campo, famous place for its traditional Siena horse race, the “Palio”.

It dial has been realized from Mother Of Pearl, finely cut and decorated. The unique hand indicate each hours and half hours, according to the original model  (on the picture it is 4 o’clock).  More than a watch, this creation is a jewel, destined to be carried with distinction.

Siena is an italian city in Toscana who has been declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site, which means that it is protected by the World Heritage Programme as an important part of the history of humanity to be preserved for years to come.