florian PREZIUSO

Excellence from father to son

He is an insatiably curious individual; the kind who takes an interest in everything, embracing each new subject with a passion, always eager to learn. Florian Preziuso could have been a racing driver, an astronomer or a mineralogist. He had the makings, the inclination and the experience. But his true vocation, watchmaking, was always there in the background. It ingrained itself slowly during his boyhood years. In 1987, when Antoine set up his workshop in the family home, Florian was just five years old. He observed the interlocking cogs and wheels, played with components, marvelled at mechanisms, forging his personality behind the doors of independent watchmaking. When customers came from around the world to visit Antoine at his workbench, Florian was never far away. He travelled with his father too, experiencing new countries including Japan where, as a young man, he would spend a month at the home of a friend and customer of Antoine, soaking up Japanese values and traditions.

Adolescence came, and his passion for watches eclipsed all others, even astronomy and motor racing, where he was a familiar figure on the competition circuit. He devoted himself to learning the trade through studies at the same school his father had attended, in Geneva, graduating top of his class for the practical exam in 2001. The next few years were spent with prestigious watch brands, where he earned a reputation designing complex tourbillon regulators. Then his decision was made: Florian chose independence and creative freedom, and in 2006 joined the family firm.

The two men would form a creative duo beyond compare. Ideas came thick and fast, challenges were never shirked. Antoine made a suggestion, Florian made it happen. And vice versa. Both nurtured the ambition to invent a new type of regulator that used resonance to converge frequencies. Not the kind of undertaking that fits neatly into a timeframe. It was slow going but father and son persevered. The years went by, other projects sprang to life. At the same time as his work with Antoine, Florian developed a specialism in materials and took on his own projects in micromechanics, movement design, R&D or production control for leading names in watchmaking as well as advanced technologies.

After close to a decade of work, the father-son duo’s project for a new tourbillon had still to reach conclusion. Florian persisted, dug in his heels, refused to give in. In 2015 he invented a revolutionary triple-differential for which an international patent has been granted. The Tourbillon of Tourbillons, winner at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève, was born – born from the hands of father and son, from the same passion for watchmaking excellence that drives them both, two independent minds working side by side.