“by Laura Preziuso”

As a student at the School of Decorative Arts, Laura Preziuso won the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation Prize in 2004 and graduated with honours as head of her year in June 2006.


Her independent-minded outlook inevitably recalls Antoine Preziuso’s approach to his art. She designs jewellery both for the Brand and her own collection, and transmits her passion and know-how as a teacher in the Jewellery Section of the School of Applied Art.


As a world première, Laura Preziuso has produced a series of mechanical jewellery collections By Laura Preziuso: Hypnose, Moonlight and Tourbillon Of Love. Each of these trail-blazing collections associates a clockwork system with an individual item of jewellery. They stand out for their innovative blend of watchmaking ingenuity and stylish choice of forms and materials.


Laura Preziuso’s unique take on high-class jewellery unquestionably reflects a freedom and creativity inherited from family tradition!