TTR3 Perfect chronometry

3Volution: Perfect Timekeeping

By mounting three independent tourbillons inside a large mobile cage, Antoine Preziuso has achieved a tour de force that Breguet himself would have admired.   The hand-winding mechanism of the 3Volution winds a twin barrel that ensures optimal efficiency and a comfortable power-reserve. The last wheel and pinion of the gear-train drives the heart of the system: a circular roller carrying no fewer than three flying tourbillons equidistant from the centre of the roller, with their respective axes forming an equilateral triangle. Each of the three tourbillons performs a complete rotation around its axis in one minute, while the entire roller needs only 2 minutes 15 seconds to complete one revolution. The speed of rotation of each of the tourbil-lons, which constitutes the first factor in enhancing precision, is accelerated by this double revolu-tion. The respective frequencies of the three regulating organs keep step with each other thanks to the resonance achieved by the flange around the circumference of the roller that acts as a resona-ting chamber. Download patent