Moon phase

If the indication, in a dedicated counter, moon phases is a very appreciated complication of the amateurs of high clock industry, it does not remain about it less than those must often have, to benefit from it, an eye almost as sharp-edged as the clock and watch maker himself.


It is un-doubtedly what Antoine Preziuso thought when it decided to present a watch equipped quite simply “with the greatest possible Moon Phase”.


On these models – MoonLight or Star-Moon -, a round counter of great dimension, located at six hours, constitutes in fact of drawing of the lunar star itself. The phases are indicated by a disc passing under the dial which reveals them with the exact imitation of reality. The figures, needles and phases of the moon are treated with a luminescent matter, the Superone, which al-lows a reading of day like night.


It system of the large moon gave place to a patent.